Congruent Line Segments

The congruent line segments should be the two number of line segments that should having the equivalent length in extent. In geometry, two images should be in congruent when they are having the similar shape as well as size. When the two line segments should have the similar shape as well as length in size then they will know as congruent line segments.


More about Congruent line segments:



The line segments EF and GH are congruent.

       Here, the two line segments EF and GH are in the same length. That is, EF=GH. The two line segments should be in congruent and they are in same length they should be congruent.

       The congruent line segments are denoted as `~=` . In this above diagram, the line segemnt EF should be equivalent to the line segment GH, that is, EF `~=` GH.

The line segemnts IJ and KL are congruent. Since, their length is same.

The notation for this diagram will be:

                     IJ = KL ,  `bar(IJ)``bar(KL)` 

The notation IJ = KL should be read as: IJ is equal to KL.

The notation `bar(IJ)``bar(KL)` should be read as: The line segment IJ is congruent to line segment KL.

 Example problems:


Example 1:

Check whether the two line segments with length of 8cm and 8.5cm are congruent.


Given, the length of two different line segments is 8cm and 8.5cm.

Let us consider, Line segment ST = 8cm

                        Line segment UV = 8.5cm

This length of line segment ST is 8cm and length of UV is 8.5cm.

From the definition that is, the two line segments are called as congruent when they are in same length.

Here, the length of the two line segments is in dissimilar.

So, the given line segments are not congruent line segments.


Example 2:

Check whether the two line segments are in congruent.

The length of line segment AB=6.2cm and CD=6.2cm


Given line segments are AB=6.2cm and CD=6.2cm

The length of the line segments is same.

That is, length of line segments = 6.2cm

Therefore, the given two line segments are congruent line segments.