Regular and Irregular Shapes

The shapes are the math terms which are mainly play a role in geometry.The consequences of the objects in which the shadow falls and how it is positioned. The shape in geometry includes the isosceles triangle and right angle triangles and etc. The shapes include 3D and 2D shapes. The 3D shapes help us to have in three axes like x axis and z axis. The 2D shapes give the x and y axis. The 3D shapes meant for a clear idea on the understandings.


Regular shape:


             The regular shapes is for mainly 2D dimensions which has the x and y axis. The square is made to name as regular shapes since it has many symmetries.The two sides are made same. Hence they are not regular. Some how the both sides are same and hence the both angles are also same. It can also be named as isosceles.

              The equal sides intersect and center of the edge is made opposite to this vertex. The two angles are made to join with the edges. The three sides are same, which goes the angles are made same. In equilateral triangles there are mostly symmetric which we take it through any corner to corner and any side to side. The shape is mentioned as regular shape.


 Irregular shapes:


The irregular shapes are nothing but if the diagram as more than one side in which the two side would not have the same angles. The edge would not be made intersect with the vertex. This type of shapes is named as irregular shapes. The area of the irregular shapes can be calculated with various formulas they are,


                  Area of the square= s2


                 Area of the circle = pi × r2


                  Area of the triangle = (base × height)/2


                Area of the rectangle = length × width


               Area of the trapezoid = ((b1 + b2) × h)/2




               Here we can separate the diagram into rectangle and square. Then using the above mentioned formula we can find the area of whole shape.